The final cost of a headstone or memorial is determined by a number of factors:

  • the overall design and complexity

  • the granite type and colour

  • the amount of granite used in the design

  • the inscription type and style (gold leaf, silver etc)

  • the number of letters in the inscription

  • the accessories chosen

  • The location of the cemetery for installation

It is very difficult for us to provide pricing for every headstone you see on the website.  Many prices in our Product Range area have indicative pricing, with pdf links that provide further pricing information.  The best way to get an accurate and immediate price is to contact us by:

This way we will know the exact combination of items you require (such as stone type, accessories, design etc.). 

Picture of headstone.

Price Guarantee

We do guarantee the best price - we have very low overheads and our focus is on quality and customer service.  We will ensure you receive the best quality product at the best price.  

We simply do not cut corners in production - we always use premium quality stone, do our inscriptions locally (using real gold), use high-quality Italian accessories, and ensure the memorial is exactly what you want for your family. 

As a general guide, lawn style headstone range from $2900 through to $4,900, chapels from $4500 to $5500 and full memorials from $6,000 to $12,000. We don't count letters for inscription prices either - these are included in our final pricing, as are all cemetery and installation fees.  We give you one complete, final price - no more to pay.

Our clients appreciate this approach.