We pride ourselves on the quality of our work - here is what our clients have said about our work:

"The memorial is beautiful. I am very happy with it and so is my family.  Thank you..."

Lynda Pazzano - February 2022

"The headstone is very beautiful - worth the wait - thankyou so much..."

Maria Konya - December 2021

"Thankyou very much it looks beautiful and I'm very happy - I think everyone (friends and family) will love what you have done as well, God bless you..."

Stephen Hartwig - December 2021

"Thank you Ian, we went and saw it yesterday and it looks perfect.  We are all very happy on the way it turned out. Thank you once again for a painless process in getting that all organised..."

Alvaro Pimenta - September 2021

"We are all impressed and thankful with what you have delivered - I feel sure some of us will contact you again in the future to again employ your services..."

Paul Calleja - July 2021

"You have done such a great job with the memorial, than you so much - my husband and I are so happy with your work and the quality  We truly appreciate what you were able to achieve for us..."

Christina Tui-Toaoi - July 2021

"We are all very very happy with Dad's memorial and wish to thank you for the excellent work and all your help. We will certainly recommend you...."

Lena Capozzi - January 2021

"Thank you for the excellent job with the headstone, we are very happy with it and will be happy to recommend you to anyone anytime.  Thankyou so much Ian..."

Carlos Maldonado - January 2021

"Thanks Ian, that looks amazing..really appreciate the fantastic job mate.."

Wes Denton - December 2020

"I went to the cemetery today to have a look at the memorial.  It looks perfect! Well done! Thank you so very much, I really appreciate it!..."

Tanya Taranenko - October 2020

"Thanks you so much Ian, I truly appreciate your tireless work and your patience!  The memorial looks beautiful.  I love it so much that is has made me quite emotional and I know it will have the same effect on the rest of my family!  I am so grateful that I chose you to handle my Nanna's memorial..."

Casey Hinder - October 2020

"Thank you Ian it looks so wonderful, and thanks for all your help with the memorial - you were awesome..."

Sheridan Wally - October 2020

"We are grateful for all your work on our Mother's headstone - great job. We are happy to recommend your services in the future..."

Nola Tutolo - August 2020

"Just a quick line to say how delighted we all are - the headstone of our late husband and father that you erected last week was exactly as we envisaged and we couldn't be happier..."

Richard, Sally and Barbara Johnston - May 2020

"I’ve just been to the cemetery, the memorial looks beautiful, I’m really pleased, you did an excellent job, thank you. I would gladly recommend you to anyone..."

Valerie Curovic - January 2020

"The memorial looks great, the family is stoked.  Thanks for all of your help with this...you've made a tough situation for the family relatively easy and stress free...thanks again..."

Ross Rechichi - September 2019

"The family were very impressed when they went to visit the memorial - I must congratulate you for the way you conduct your business, always having the time to be empathetic to your clients needs and requests.  My thanks again..."

Gayle Malcolm - September 2019

"Thank you for Geraldine's memorial - it exceeded all our expectations. We are eternally grateful."

Terry Merchant - August 2019

"All the family thank you from the bottom of their hearts for having Vince's memorial up before Christmas and how beautiful and grand it looks - we are so pleased with your work."

Faye Iannello - January 2019

"Thank you so much for a fantastic job you have done on Mum's headstone - it does look beautiful."

Peter McDonough - January 2019

"Hello Ian, thankyou so very much for the beautiful tombstone, you have once again excelled yourself.  My siblings and I are very pleased with your work."

Judy Hasberg - January 2019

"Hi Ian...Thank you so much, you did a very good job and we are all very happy, especially Mum as you were the first person she called and you made the whole experience very easy and not stressful at all."

The Koteski Family - December 2018

"Hi Ian...***EXCELLENT***... You did a TOP job!  Thank you so much.  Everyone who's seen it is very impressed. I couldn't believe Mum (biggest critic) who loved it.  It's exactly how we wanted and you made it happen. With thanks and appreciation."

Ida and Linda Trinick - October 2018

"The memorial looks fantastic!! Thank you. The family were very pleased with the overall look and finish."

Matthew Saliba - August 2018

"Thank you for such a beautiful headstone."

Sandra Giorgi - August 2018

"The memorial - it is just perfect and exactly what we wanted - thank you so much for your consideration, advice and attention to detail - we would recommend your service. Best wishes and thanks again."

Jeannie Webb-Glendinning - Nov 2017

"Thanks for your support through this difficult time. I managed to go and have a look at the memorial over the weekend and it is amazing - you did a wonderful job."

Lidia Venditti - Sept 2017

"Hi Ian, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Dad's headstone - the stone is lovely.  Thank you also for the upgrade of the statue.  Would not hesitate in recommending you to others - thank you again for your thoughtfulness."

Rosa Morabito - July 2017


"Hi Ian, I went to see my Dad as it is his 1st year anniversary.  The headstone is fantastic - so pleased, it's perfect. Thank you for a great job you and your staff have done."

Liz Westcott - October 2016

"Hi Ian, fantastic job you've done - we are all delighted with the result.  Perth Memorials is being praised from Boston, New York, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  Everyone says you did a wonderful job - thank you so much."

Paschal Harrison - February 2016 (UK Client)


"Thankyou for your beautiful craftsmanship.  Dad's memorial looks great."

Lydia Perisic - February 2016


"My mother and I visited Karrakatta today to view the chapel headstone you installed last week.  Thank you for creating such a lovely memorial for my dad.  My mum is very happy with the colour of the granite and is especially pleased about the look of the rope twist pillars - she thinks you did a wonderful job."

Luana Raspa - January 2016


"Thankyou so much, the headstone is perfect. I went down this morning and added some flowers and the lights and it looks very beautiful, my grandparents and my mum would have thought it was just right for them."

Sian Reha - December 2015


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing headstone you made for us. It looks absolutely fantastic!  You did a great job and I would recommend you to anyone - I am sure our mother and father would be very happy with it."

Zelia Polini - September 2015


"Hi Ian - went today to see the headstone....it's really beautiful. Thank you so much."

Rachele Italiano - September 2015


"Hi Ian, I went down to Peter's grave today with my daughter and two of my Grandies. What a great job you did with the McIntyre emblem!  Above all, you have captured what I (and Pete) wanted.  Thank you so much for your creativity and ability."

Gillian McIntyre - July 2015


"Words could not possibly describe our gratitude towards the wonderful job you have done regarding mum's headstone, it's so beautiful. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you."

Jackie Keihanirad - May 2015


"My family and I visited the cemetery yesterday afternoon in the heat of the day! We were delighted to see what a beautiful job you have done with Dad's headstone. The granite is stunning and the rock chip edge is just perfect.  Thank you"

Casey Caville - November 2014


"We were able to get to Perth this weekend and see the memorial and it is just lovely. Mum was very impressed with the quality of work on the memorial and appreciates the work you have done.  Thank you for your professionalism and beautiful craftsmanship"

Tracey Tyrrell - August 2014


"Today, my father and I had a look at the memorial...it is great, thank you. My father is very pleased with the end result.  We will most definitely be recommending you to our relatives."

Branka Radanovich - August 2014


"We are very happy with the outcome - it looks very beautiful and dignified. Thanks for your wonderful job - Mum was moved to tears."

Merica Buxton - July 2014


"Thank you for your wonderful work on the memorial. My mother-in-law is very happy with the finished product.  Once again thank you for your lovely work - be assured I will be recommending your services."

Lydia Bordoni - June 2014


"Back from the bush and have just been to the cemetery - the "rock" looks fantastic, we all loved it. All went and had a trip down memory lane - thank you so much for all the work you have done and your support"

Kerry Boekman - May 2014


"We've had a look at my Dad's memorial and you've done a beautiful job - thank you."

Marina Chan - February 2014


"I am very happy with the memorial, it looks really beautiful and thank you for your work."

Maria Victoria Mastaglia - November 2013


"Just to let you know we have been to the cemetery to look at the headstone this afternoon and we are over the moon with it.  We really wanted to thank you so much, the quality of your work is outstanding and your customer service matches."

Kelly Mitchell - November 2013


"The family and I went and had a look at the headstone yesterday.  We are super happy with how it has turned out. My mum and uncle would love it!!!  Thanks so much for all your help.  I have recommended you to friends who were suitably impressed."

Michelle Howie - October 2013


​WOW! Dad's headstone looks amazing. You have done such beautiful work on it. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance - it has been of great help in a difficult time. Many thanks."

Erin Di Labio - September 2013


"Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family. You have shown me that there's still people who take pride in what they do, and still care about people."

Bill Smith - 2012

"This is just a note to thank you for the beautiful headstone for Mum & Dad. It truly is a piece of art. I pray God continues to bless you."

Debbie Fuller - 2012

"You went beyond the normal in your care and workmanship. I can vouch for your honesty and integrity. Again, let me express our thanks from the whole family for a company that really cares."

Sally Roberts - 2011

"It's wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. God bless you. Thanks again"

Rosemary Evans - 2010​

"A special thank-you for all of your help, sincerity, honesty, and professional workmanship."

Kathy & Larry Walcott - 2010​

“Thankyou for your hard work and for getting our headstone completed within the 6 week deadline we set.”

William Jones - 2010​